Automotive Spindle Applications

The automotive industry is an important part in the world we live in today. Without it we would not be able to efficiently grow and live the lifestyle we have developed over the years. Because of automotive vehicles and machines that we use in everyday life, we can transport goods, supplies, and even services anywhere in the world. There are a wide variety of mechanical parts, products, etc. that are required to power any type of automotive machinery. Some of those parts require specific specifications that only certain companies can produce. Those companies require specially designed spindles to help manufacture those automotive parts. With the automotive industry constantly evolving, new styles of parts are needed every day. To make these parts, companies require high-speed spindles to perform in a way that will help produce the parts at their exact specification, as well as having long term durability and efficiency.

FISCHER USA, Inc. has been manufacturing and repairing these exact types of spindles for over 80 years. With hundreds of different automotive part manufacturers, there is a large market in producing high-quality parts for top brands. At Fischer USA, you can count on our spindles to help produce your high-quality parts at precisely your exact specifications. No matter the design, material, and density you work with, you can rely on a FISCHER repaired spindle to perform like-new. Our spindle repairs strive to achieve “perfect rotation”, thanks to our intense passion in data management, advanced manufacturing equipment, and high precision repair technicians. With our years of expertise and highly trained staff, you will receive products and services that you can trust.

Our repair services provide our automotive customers with top performance, delivering a like new spindle rebuilt to manufacturers' specifications. Our customer service and repair teams stay very well informed on the automotive industry; they will be sure to help you overcome any challenges, providing you with quality repairs and troubleshooting for your manufacturing issues.

Our Automotive Spindle Repair Services include:

  • In-house and on-site spindle services & troubleshooting
  • Emergency spindle repair service
  • Spindle parts manufacturing
  • Preventative maintenance and training

With our automotive spindle repair process, we perform a detailed inspection and conduct multiple tests to ensure accurate information is gathered on the true reason why your spindle is failing. Each test will be thorough, giving us a precise analysis during the repair process. After repairs, we run final tests to ensure you will be receiving a guaranteed fully running spindle with perfect rotation.

By partnering with us, you will be receiving exceptional products and timely repair services all at a cost-effective price. Wait no longer dealing with lower production and efficiency and contact us today. One of our FISCHER USA customer service representatives will be more than happy to assist you with any information to get you scheduled for a spindle repair analysis immediately.