Spindle Maintenance

FISCHER USA provides spindle maintenance, noted as our "Spindle Hotel," where your spindle experiences the five-star treatment! Our spindle maintenance is offered for FISCHER, GMN, IBAG, Kessler, Weiss, Makino, and countless other spindle makes and models.

FISCHER USA offers climate-controlled storage, spindle management, and warranty refresh at our Racine, Wisconsin facility for companies nationwide. We can manage all of your spare spindles, giving you more square footage space within your own facility and ensuring the spindles are stored in a climate-controlled location.

Any spindle that remains a "hotel resident" for a duration of 13-25 months will be retested and the warranty re-certified. This is a great value add for customers with long spindle operating time between failures. You will never have a spare spindle that is “fresh but without warranty”. Our dedicated team is here to offer you the Best in Class customer support.

As a manufacturer and a repair provider of FISCHER USA and a repair provider for many makes and models of spindles, we fully understand the nature of critical machines, and how costly downtime is to the entire company. Utilizing FISCHER’s spindle maintenance and storage program ensures when you are in urgent need of a spare spindle, it is just a phone call away from our team safely shipping it to your facility. Call us today for your spindle maintenance and storage. We have a "room ready" for your spindle today!

Spindle Hotel for Maintenance

Welcome to the Fischer Spindle Hotel

Your Spindle's haven for peace of mind and seamless up-time.

Situated just off the shores of Lake Michigan, the FISCHER Spindle Hotel provides you a secure, temperature-controlled environment where your spare spindles can reside in comfort and receive Best in Class care.

Your spindle will be recorded in our SAP system, and you will be given a hotel reservation number. During the duration of the spindle's stay, it will be recertified by way of a complete test run, keeping your warranty active.

As a manufacturing company, we fully understand the nature of critical machines, how costly downtime is to the entire company, and the disruption it causes for production timelines. Utilizing FISCHER's spindle hotel ensures your spindle is fresh and ready to go. When you are in need of your spindle, rest assured we are just a phone call away from it shipping.

How our spindle hotel works:

FISCHER receives the spindle at our facility. Your spindle is registered by customer name, spindle type, serial number, and is assigned a hotel confirmation number in our SAP system.

Duration of Stay
Spindles residing at the hotel for a period of 13-25 months will be retested and the warranty will be recertified.

  • Re-certification every 25 months for oil-air lubricated spindles.
  • Re-certification every 13 months for grease lubricated spindles.
  • Stay as long as you'd like! Your spindle can remain "checked-in" as long as you choose.

To release a spindle from the hotel, simply contact the team at FISCHER. Referencing the serial number or confirmation number, shipping address information, method of shipping, and freight account number. Your spindle will be shipped the same day for shipping requests received before 2:00 p.m. CST.

Best of all, this service is all provided at no charge to you!