Spindle Maintenance

FISCHER USA provides spindle maintenance, noted as our "Spindle Hotel," where your spindle experiences the five-star treatment! Our spindle maintenance is offered for GMN, IBAG, Kessler, Weiss, Makino, Mazak, and countless other spindle makes and models.

FISCHER USA offers climate-controlled storage, spindle management, and warranty re-fresh at our Racine, Wisconsin facility for companies nationwide. We can manage all of your spare spindles, giving you more square footage space within your own facility and ensuring the spindles are stored in a climate-controlled location.  

Any spindle that remains a "hotel resident" for 12 months will be re-tested and the warranty start date refreshed. This is a great value add for customers with long spindle operating time between failures. You will never have a spare spindle that is “fresh but without warranty”. We offer Best In Class customer support along with around the clock access to our customer focused team.

As a manufacturer of FISCHER USA and a repair provider for many makes and models of spindles, we fully understand the nature of critical machines, and how costly downtime is to the entire company. Utilizing FISCHER’s spindle maintenance and storage program ensures when you are in urgent need of a spare spindle, it is just a phone call away from our team safely shipping it to your facility. Call us today for your spindle maintenance and storage. We have a "room ready" for your spindle today!