FISCHER USA – Grinding Spindles

High-precision spindles are utilized every day around the world to grind high-tolerance parts, and they are simply an absolute necessity for a wide variety of industries. The specific grinding job may be producing high-tolerance components for an assembly, such as grinding engine camshafts, producing a product, such as grinding an optical lens, or re-working or modifying a part, such as re-working a mold or die. The list of industries or markets utilizing grinding spindles is virtually endless: Aerospace, automotive, medical, optical, cutting tool, electronic, mold and die, and on and on.

The high-precision grinding spindle always works very closely together with the complete grinding machine, which is typically uniquely designed for specific types of parts, part size ranges, tolerances, and geometries. The unique grinding requirements of the grinding machine then demand a uniquely designed spindle to fit both the machine and the application. The result of this is a huge variety of grinding spindle sizes, power ranges, speed ranges, and both motorized and non-motorized types. FISCHER USA is set-up to assist with all types of grinding spindles in the market today.

Much of the power and precision of the grinding machine comes from the grinding spindle itself. Without a properly operating grinding spindle, the grinding wheel would not be able to operate smoothly at the high velocities required for efficient grinding and would not provide the power and accuracy needed to grind to exacting dimensions. Therefore, a high-quality, high-accuracy spindle is required for most grinding operations and is required to provide the durability to perform flawlessly for thousands of hours, often times at maximum speed.

Over time, spindles can begin to wear down and vibration and runout increase, resulting in the necessity to grind at slower speeds and decreased efficiency. At FISCHER USA, we can help repair your spindle and bring it back to like-new conditions and help improve the efficiency of your grinding operation. Our advanced technology and equipment provide the necessary requirements to facilitate high-quality spindle repairs. After a detailed analysis, we will determine the exact problem(s) that are causing poor spindle performance and provide a detailed quotation and technical report. If your spindle is determined to be unrepairable or not cost-effective to repair compared to a complete replacement, we will present options and recommend the best solution for your needs and budget.

If you are in search of a new, custom-made spindle for your grinding needs, our engineers can work with you to develop the perfect solution that matches your exact specifications. Whether you require like-new repairs, a replacement, or a brand-new, custom-made spindle, the professionals at FISCHER USA have you covered. Contact us today!