Mold & Die Spindle Applications

At FISCHER USA, we offer the best in high-precision spindles and high-precision spindle repairs for mold and die machining. When constructing a mold, the structure needs to be extremely accurate, with excellent surface finishes. This requires a spindle that is performing in “like-new” condition, with very low runout, very low vibration, high dynamic stiffness, low thermal growth, repeatable performance from tool-change to tool-change, and highly stable over long-running machining cycles. It is common with less experienced organizations that the repaired spindle will be lacking in one or more of these areas, producing machined molds that are not at the exact specifications, requiring costly rework. By partnering with FISCHER USA, you will have the high-precision repaired spindle needed to meet your demanding requirements. Whether you’re a business that creates molds for other clients or for your own needs, having the right equipment is essential to your success.

Partnering with FISCHER USA

We take pride in the hard work and dedication it took to become the top high-speed spindle repair company in the country. When you choose to partner with FISCHER USA for spindle repairs, you are becoming part of our legacy of providing the highest-quality workmanship. You will receive a “like-new” spindle with the exact concentricity and low vibrations at high speeds needed for finishing operations, and the dynamic stiffness, stability, and high-power efficiency needed for higher material removal operations.

If you are in search of exceptional spindle repairs, providing the high-performance rotation needed to optimize your manufacturing, contact FISCHER USA today! We will be more than happy to set a meeting to learn more about your company’s needs and to provide you with the right tools for success!