FISCHER USA Youth Apprenticeship Program

FISCHER is a common name in the Racine area. However, were you aware that they offer a youth apprenticeship for local high school Juniors and Seniors? This program is designed to integrate school and work-based learning to instruct students with various employable skills.

This program is designed to highlight some basic key elements, such as:

  • Skill standards set by various industries and developed according to industry-specific standards

  • Exposure to various aspects of the chosen industry

  • Skilled mentors/teachers assigned to train students

  • Paid work experience

  • Related classroom instruction coinciding with work-based learning

  • Curriculum guidelines specific to all programs

  • Performance evaluation of demonstrated competencies

  • Skill certificate issued by the state

These programs typically begin upon completion of a student's sophomore year of high school. However, they can begin as late as January of the student's senior year. To successfully complete the apprenticeship it must be by August 31, following graduation.

FISCHER has had great success with several local students in this program, from various schools throughout the Racine area. For more information on this program please speak with your school counselor, visit RAMAC or contact Jeff Bergman.

We look forward to working with students and helping them to create skills to help shape a successful future!

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