The R's of the Repair Process

While FISCHER is known for design and manufacturing of spindles, our team can also repair spindles from within our group and also 3rd party brands by remanufacturing, refurbishing or reusing parts of it that are still viable. By having your failed spindle refurbished or remanufactured you can potentially keep your costs down, as well as eliminate unnecessary waste, while still maintaining the quality you expect.

Remanufacturing is most often applicable with our 3rd party repairs. This occurs when a unique or critical component is damaged beyond use, and cannot be refurbished. We have the capabilities in house at FISCHER USA to reverse engineer and produce components quickly, and with FISCHER quality.

Refurbishing is a process that involves restoring spindle components to a functional state, similar to the original specifications. When refurbishing parts, various methods are used to bring the component back to like new conditions for a fraction of the replacement cost. For spindle shafts it is common to use chrome or laser weld to build up damaged features and then grind or machine them back to tolerance. Components commonly refurbished are the shaft, clamping system, main spindle housings, bearing carriers and hydraulic cylinders.

Reuse is just as it sounds. All components are inspected for form, quality and functionality. If deemed in tolerance, then we will reuse the component.

Just because your spindle is damaged, doesn't mean it can't be repaired. Remanufacturing, refurbishing and reusing are all great ways to revitalize your high-performance spindle and make it like-new, while keeping material and replacement costs low. If you have further questions regarding our repair process, contact our team today!

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