Spindle Hotel

Manufacturing businesses often require custom made spindles to manufacture their unique products that are in high demand. At FISCHER USA, our spindles are created to not only be precise, but made with high quality materials. These are just a couple of reasons why businesses from a wide variety of industries come to us for their spindle needs. Businesses across the United States have been economically growing due to our advanced, quality spindles. Not only do we care about the advancement of our spindle products, but we also care about your business’s success as well. By choosing FISCHER USA as your spindle provider and repair service, both in the United States and internationally, your business is sure to increase its productivity efficiency.

If you are searching for exceptional spindle repair, FISCHER USA is the only contact you will need. By partnering with FISCHER USA, you will be backed by spindle manufacturing and repair experts with years of experience and knowledge to build, repair, reverse engineer parts for all makes and models for quality spindles, and even store your unused, newly repaired spindles! To repair damaged spindles, we first put them through a series of informative tests to locate where your spindle may be damaged and why. Our team at FISCHER USA will then run a full report on the spindle’s performance. Each report provides a full analysis on any damage or lack of performance, as well as states where repairs are needed. Diagrams are provided to visually explain the exact areas that are damaged. Based on the results of your spindle’s analysis, our engineers will recommend either replacing or repairing your spindle, depending on which is more suitable and cost effective for your business. With a replaced or repaired spindle, a full test is completed before leaving our facility, or going into the “Spindle Hotel” (storage). For every spindle that FISCHER USA manufactures, it will be backed with a 6-month warranty. 

Do you require storage to place extra spindles? FISCHER USA takes care of our clients by offering our “Spindle Hotel”, for our client’s unused spindles. Our climate-controlled storage is perfect for storing your spare spindles, and will open up space within your facility! Plus, any spindle that remains as a hotel resident for 12 months, or longer, will be re-tested and the warranty start date refreshed. This also means that downtime will be lessened, and if you are utilizing FISCHER USA's spindle hotel and are in need of a spindle, it is just a phone call away from shipping. The best thing about this service is that it is provided at no cost to you!

If you are in search of a one-of-a-kind spindle, spindle repair, or spindle storage, make sure to contact FISCHER USA. We strive to achieve the perfect rotation for every spindle to provide precision work, low vibrations, and the smooth function that is required for any business’s equipment to run efficiently. With our professional engineers, advanced machinery, and decades of experience, we can bring any spindle back to like-new conditions and quality performance. For additional information please explore our website or contact us directly and a FISCHER USA representative will more than happy to assist you!

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