Spindle Vibrations: Good or Bad?

If you work with spindles, then you know that all spindles have a spectrum of vibration that is considered good. However, there are also vibrations that fall outside of this realm. Spindles that operate with these higher vibrations should be repaired soon to prevent further damage to both the spindle and the machine. Below is a list of reasons that can cause excessive vibration.


Referring to the unequal distribution of mass in a rotating body that may cause the imbalance, which can lead to negative vibrations. Thermal fluctuation, improper maintenance, and other factors can cause imbalance and lead to reduced machine accuracy, efficiency and lifespan.


If your bearings are not properly lubricated, then they will tend to wear out quickly and cause vibrations before failing altogether.


If the spindle and motor are not properly aligned, it will cause harmful vibrations. Misaligned shafts can also result in damage to the bearings, which will lead to more vibrations during rotation.

Damaged Taper

If the taper of your spindle doesn’t have the proper percentage of contact surface, it will create vibrations and cause premature wear on your bearings and tooling.

Gears & Belts

Gears and belts of a CNC machine tend to produce vibrations naturally. This is mainly due to their mesh or teeth. It is always good to ensure the fit of gears or tension of belts is correct for proper operation and efficiency.


If your tool-holders are not properly balanced, this may affect the lifetime of the bearings in your spindle. Be sure that your tool-holders are well balanced, and that they are replaced when surface contact in the taper is no longer in regulation.

If you notice any of these issues, be sure to contact our team of repair professionals at FISCHER USA today! We strive to return your spindle back to “like new” with full reliability and performance. The Perfect Rotation and Customer Satisfaction are at the core of everything we do.

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